WOMEN TO WATCH 2010 - Body of Work: New Perspectives on Figure Painting

FINALIST: Julie Farstad

LOCAL FINALISTS: Julie Farstad, Brenda Lee, Peregrine Honig, Anne Austin Pearce, and Nora Othic

CURATOR: Rachel Cozad, director & CEO of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art from 2001-2012 selected finalists to be submitted to the National exhibition of contemporary figurative paintings.  A reception and dinner was held at the Kemper Museum for the artists, members, and community leaders on October 15, 2009 with the five artists’ works on display for the evening.  Julie Farstad, along with other artists from the various state and international Committees, was selected by the curators for the National exhibition which was on view from July 2, 2010 through September 12, 2010.